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Sara Davis, Artist.

I am a wife, a dog lover, a traveler, a Taylor Swift fan, and an artist. I became interested in textural complexity during my studies of landscape architecture at Louisiana State University.  The question was often posed of what something could do or be if it wasn't already assumed to do or be what it already was. This way of thinking led me down very interesting paths throughout my school years - one of which earned myself and my teammates an American Society of Landscape Architects Merit Award for our design.

Along with art and design, I've always had a passion for books. Upon graduating, I found myself with a little more time for leisurely reads than I had ever had before. The more reading I did, the more fascinated I became with the idea that the literature I was reading was a texture as rich and vibrant as any I had worked with as a landscape architect.  I decided to take this abstract idea and translate it into something concrete by manipulating the text into a medium on canvas as part of my interpretation of the imagery it generated. Each piece is a unique representation of my reflections on the source material that is incorporated into the piece.


The art that is created here is custom and completely unique.  Whether I'm designing a canvas inspired by a story I love or helping put together a piece that is important to you; I want to make sure that it is one of a kind.  

Each canvas is designed around and inspired by a work of fiction, pop culture, or a film.  If you don't see something that you like, you can always commission a piece by clicking the link 'commission a piece' in the menu above.  This is a creative way display your favorite story.




Louisiana Girl

currently in Nashville, Tennessee